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History of St. Florian Parish

In 1885, six families began to meet for the celebration of the Eucharist at the homes of the first settlers in Hatley.  Priests came from near by towns to administer the sacraments.  In 1898, the first church was built and dedicated under the patronage of St. Florian

In 1905, St. Florian became part of the diocese of La Crosse.  In 1906, the first resident Pastor, Fr. Modorski was appointed.

In late 1907, Fr. Karcz was appointed pastor.  In his first year, he appointed a building committee for a new church and rectory.  The present church structure and a wood framed rectory were built in 1914 and dedicated by Bishop James Schwebach.

Soon after, Fr. Stanley Krakowiecki began his 27 - term as pastor of St. Florian.  In 1941 a flash fire burned the rectory to the ground and many church records were lost.  Plans were made to build the present rectory.

In 1949, Fr. Rucki was appointed adminstrator and pastor.  During his first five years, the church was completely renovated and redecorated.

St. Florian School opened its doors in 1955.  In 1959, Fr. Klimaszewski became pastor.  He was determined to keep the school open with the help of dedicated parishioners.

1966 marked the appointment of Fr. Chester Moczarny as pastor.  He was the only here a short time until Fr. Sigismund Lengowski was appointed in 1968.  He was known as "Fr. Zig".  During his pastorate, the school mortgage was burned, anew steel roof was put on the school and the Restoration Fund was started.

In May 1978, Fr. George Szews was the first from our parish to be ordained a priest and celebrated his Mass of Thanksgiving here at St. Florian.

1980 brought Fr. Chester Osowski  to Hatley after Fr. Zig's sudden death. Fr. Thomas Abraham "Fr. Abe" was appointed pastor in 1982 and took on the responsibility of renovating the church. With the renovation complete in 1985, we celebrated our 100 year anniversary.

June of 1997 marked "The Tornado of 1997" where the roof was blown right off the school. Many hands pitched in to bring our school and grounds back to order.

2005 marked 50 years of St. Florian School, but sadly, it was closed in 2006.

After the passing of Fr. Abe in 2007, we welcomed Fr. Jerzy Rebacz as our pastor. He lead us through the latest renovation of the church and the re-dedication of the Parish on Oct. 17, 2009, as well as bringing back many of the Catholic traditions we have loved from years past. After three short years, Fr. Jerzy was transferred to a neighboring parish in Stevens Point.

In 2010, Fr. Al Burkhardt comes to Hatley. St. Florian's has a long history with a strong foundation. We as a parish continue to grow in community spirit and faith in our God. Together we have achieved so much and look toward the future with hope and the light of Christ in our hearts.

St. Florian Parish  -  Hatley Wisconsin