Welcome to St. Florian Parish!  We are excited that you are considering joining our parish community.  In order to make your connection with St. Florian official, the following steps are necessary.

1.        If you are transferring from another parish, please inform your present parish that you are joining a new parish.

2.        An appointment with the Parish Secretary - 715-446-3085, establishes a time to visit the parish office to complete all necessary steps.

3.        A census form is filled out.  For parish records, we are seeking to know the general information about your household.  This assists our ability to contact you and record any information connected with your faith life.

4.        Upon completion of the census, an information packet is shared with you.  This packet gives you an overview of parish life plus the opportunity to become involved in parish life.

5.        If the pastor is available, or if you have made a request to meet the pastor at time of registration, the pastor enjoys the opportunity to meet you and welcome you to St. Florian!

6.        Any questions are answered when you register or call the Parish Office.

St. Florian Parish. 500 Church Lane  P.O. Box 100.  Hatley WI.  54440-0100 (715) 446-3085

Stewardship is the invitation for all parish members to assist the needs of the parish. Each member seeks to use the blessings from God  of time, talent, and treasure.  The gifts create a sense of community and support.

The gifts of time, talent and treasure are opportunities to be the Magi of our present day in offering what we have in honor of the Savior.  We believe that God graces our parish community with sufficient gifts to accomplish the mission of the church.

The gift of time is our service to church and community.  We may use our time to serve the poor, volunteer at school or religious education, be a Eucharistic Minister, be part of a choir, be a reader or usher or be part of a committee.  The greatest accomplishment of our time is the time we spend in prayer.

The gift of our talents serves our church and community.  Many opportunities are available to offer to the parish your particular talent.  The parish benefits substantially from many volunteer projects that save financial resource for the parish.

The gift of our treasure is a test of our faith.  Our culture holds wealth and possessions as symbols of our success and power.  This stands in contrast to our spiritual life that asks us to move forward in faith without guarantees of a return or gratification from our financial gifts.  As sacrificial givers, we learn that we share from our regular income, not our excess.

Our site offers opportunities to become involved in Stewardship within St. Florian Parish.  Take some time to review these opportunities.  Our community welcomes your presence and the gifts that you will choose to share in faith!

St. Florian Parish  -  Hatley Wisconsin