Welcome to St. Florian Parish!  We are delighted that you have chosen to view our website.  Allow me to introduce you to our parish.

Two words seem to describe the history of St. Florian Parish:  dedication and perseverance.  St. Florian Parish started with the dedication of six Polish families who were determined to have a church in which to celebrate Eucharist.  As this church grew, the perseverance of those who joined this church provided the stability in which to survive lean years like the Depression.  In faith, we trust that the flame of the Holy Spirit ignited this dedication and perseverance.  St. Florian, who I s the patron saint of firefighters, has watched over this flame.  How wonderfully he has kept the right burn under this parish, dousing only enough fire to keep it from destruction and fanning the flames when the fire needed to burn brighter.  Today we join together as a parish family who are asked to continue this legacy of dedication and perseverance.  With a generosity and strong bonds to our Catholic faith, we can continue this heritage of gathering for prayer and Eucharist.

Please enjoy your time on our website and feel free to join us as we celebrate the flame of faith, burning brightly among us!

St. Florian Parish. 500 Church Lane  P.O. Box 100.  WI.  54440-0100 (715) 446-3085